Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Let's see how long this lasts

Soooo, I just signed up for my first 50K and decided to start , as the title so cleverly implies, yet another fucking running blog. I have loads of old training notebooks, my old info from Garmin Training Center, which of course doesn't automatically transfer to Gamin Connect , and also Map My Run - which seems to take forever to look up past info , so I though that using a blog as a training diary might work well for me.Let's see how long before I lose interest.

Day 1: 12/20/2016  Weight: 142.4 ( I know, I know, it's not realistic to want to train for an ultra distance and try to lose weight, but here's hoping I can melt off a little flab at least)

Pre run : coffee and 1 serving of dried figs

Weather : not too cold, but windy as fuck:

I always have a hard time bundling enough not to freeze, but not so much I am sweating my (imaginary) balls off.

This is what I went with today:

Base layer : FitSok merino socks , UA Heatgear tights , UA Coldgear top

Top Layer : Cheap fleece vest , Mizuno BT Wind pants , neck gaiter

Other : Altra Lone Peak shoes , Champion C9 thin gloves , Heavier fleece ear warmer band

Gear Verdict : Pretty good- really hard to pick layers with that kind of wind. I just ended up running loops                            around my "block" which is just over a mile- boring, but a little more sheltered with trees ,                              unlike the farm fields I run past a lot. 

Workout Goal : 2 miles easy , 2 miles @ 8:13 pace, 2 miles easy

Actual Workout:       5 minutes dynamic warmup
                          2 miles easy        (9:22) and (9:36)
                          2 miles tempo     (8:01) and (8:08)
                          3 miles easy        (9:31), (9:37), and (9:35)
                                 .25 mile cool down walk
                                  10 minutes stretch/yoga
                                    5 minutes foam roller

Post-workout nutrition: Protein shake with tart cherry concentrate


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