Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Day 4 , Long Run

Day 4 : 12/23/2016 , Weight: 142.2
Pre-run nutrition : .75 cup 0% Greek Yogurt + .25 cup plain low fat yogurt + 1/2 Tbs honey

Weather: Mid 30's with 9 mph winds
Gear: CW-X Endurance Pro Tights, FitSoks IsoWool Crew socks , Under Armour Cold Gear longsleeve ,          Starter Orange t-shirt for visibilty, Lightweight C9 gloves, lightweight Mizuno BT headband

Planned workout: 20 miles, no specific pace

I wasn't exactly sure about what to wear or what route to take for this one. The temps were in the mid 30's , but winds at almost 9 mph , and a possibility of rain later. I planned on doing two loops - one at 11 miles and 1 at nine miles- so I wouldn't be horribly far from home if it did start raining.

My actual route: Since the wind was from the South and West I started out doing the bigger western loop, then back doing the smaller one. Almost all on the roads, except for a third of a mile on the snow covered bike trail, which was pretty awful since it was so warm out, like running through slushy mashed potatoes

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